Game Music Albums you didn’t know you needed!!!

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Ok people so I’ve had something come through my emails the past couple of days that I wanted to share. We all think back to our childhoods from time to time and get all Nostalgic about the titles and franchises we hold dear.

So for example: Dragon Roost Islands theme in LoZ: Windwaker gives me goosebumps. With me being big on all things Metal I also think about how things would sound as a Metal track. This Is now a reality with a project called Octorock.

Octorock: The Metal Zelda EP makes my wildest dreams come true, 4 tracks of Metal Infused Zelda mania. I’ve already said enough, check out Joel Kent’s work on spotify:

Next up is something quite original due to its composure and creativity, if you’re like me the OST to Pokemon Red, Blue and Yellow Is classic and full of awesome memories! Enter Piano Collections: Pokemon Red, Blue, Yellow and Green!

This Opus by Trevor Alan Gomes covers every tracks you remember and the ones you don’t. The flare on these albums and added trills make you appreciate the amount of work gone into what Is arguably the best set of Game Boy games we have seen! Check it out on Spotify:

Next up Is a Jazz tribute to some of your favourite Nintendo flagship of yesteryear, enter 8 Bit Jazz Heroes: Press Start.


An absolute laid back and smooth treat. This Espresso for the senses covers Super Mario, LoZ, Tetris and Metroid. This Is album I didn’t know I needed! Just get out of your comfort zone and check them out on there webpage:

Finally we have an ethoral, mystical and original album based on the history of Hyrule, the land the Legend of Zelda series calls home (mostly) I give you The Sins Of Hyrule by Rozen.

I can only describe this album as an epic In it’s own right, a classical album for a modern age of man! Looking at titles such as “Gerudo Legend” and “Song of Hylia” gives you all the imagery you need. It’s just so well put together I’m shocked to be honest! Check it out on Spotify:

Thanks very much to Materia Collective, Overclocked Records, the Artists In this Article, Larry and Jayson for giving me access to the amazing work you are all helping to get out. Want to know more about the Artists and their labels? Check out the following links:


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